Leather features

Leather - a natural material made from animal skins.

Leather - a natural material made from animal skins. With this you will never find an animal with the same color, as well as you will not find two identical pieces of leather. In addition to his own genetic heritage each hide has it's own small nicks and scars which animal did during its lifetime. These natural features — is not considered as defects and known as "marks the difference" in the leather, adding uniqueness to each finished product.

When you want a more uniform coating the leather can be sanded. However, genuine leather may not be the same even in thickness. Because the leather is not manufactured, it is less homogeneous than other materials.

There are many factors that could cause a change in the leather of the animal: as his age, climatic conditions, food and care, a season in which the animal was slaughtered, and the skill used in tanning. All this will be discussed in greater detail in other sections.