By the type of finishing

Finishing leather is designed to give your leather proper softness

Five major categories of finishing

1. Smooth finish

This - the external aspect of the leather, using natural grain leather. Many effects can be given to smooth the leather grain, creating several sub-surface. Among this leather - Nappa the most common finish for smooth leathers. It is created by spraying paint and sometimes wax or resin on the surface of the leather to protect the leather from staining and rain.

2. Suede

Suede is polished inside (flesh side side) of the leather to create a velvet surface.

3. Painted drum

Leather is dyed in a drum, absorbing dye into the leather, rather than spraying paint on the surface. This creates a softer finish, because through the entire thickness of leather penetrating the paint. A small color tint in the leather is not a defect.

4. Antique

This finish is used to create interesting designs and patterns. The finish is on the surface of the leather and creates an air spraying, mixing several shades of the same color for the new effect. Since the antique is only on the surface, the leather looks like after several years of use. Small color shading - a feature of this type of leather.

5. Genuine leather

They are pliable, natural-looking, and have a very soft feeling. They are used in expensive products, because all processes, from raw hides, initially are relatively expensive. They are called natural, because no special finish on the leather surface.