Leather Properties

The leather is called the "gift of nature” to man.

The leather is called the "gift of nature” to man. Clothing made from leather and suede can maintain ventilation, absorption and maintain humidity. In other words, the leather "breathes". Millions of tiny air spaces among the fibers provide insulation and ventilation for heat in winter and summer comfort.

Quality of the leather surpasses those qualities of any artificial or synthetic material.

Flexibility and strength

Leather skins, despite the fact that the match will reveal the individual, yet retain their shape, to provide elasticity and strength

Length of wearing

Leather resists drops, punctures, heat, cold, and other influences so well that it is used in many important industries where other materials fail.


Leather "breathes", allows you to adjust ventilation and humidity. A natural insulator, leather protects against extremes in temperature and humidity.


Leather by it's nature has a wide range of pleasant structures and surfaces. There is also a huge variety of finishes and colors.

Rich "sensuality" and "pleasantness" also increases the effect of natural leather.