Automobile leather

Leather saloon always was a luxury attribute, peculiar indicator of a high automobile owner’s status. And, despite “Now there are other times”, leather is found out to be on the top of its popularity. Cause even small and not expensive cars are being sold with leather saloons now.

Nowadays automobile’s leather saloon is the most fashionable and prestige way of interior decoration. It is not only sumptuous and graceful, it is also very practical. Leather trim increases noise insulation, improves acoustic properties of the saloon, what is being most welcome in acoustic tunings. Automobile leather combines high durability and endurance with softness – qualities, generally excluding each other. Very important indicators of automobile leather are resistance to water and chemical solvents, for example, gasoline and oil, and ability to “breath”.

Automobile leather selection becomes formed uppermost by operating conditions. It is not enough, that a driver and passengers are always squirming, nutating and even jumping on seats, they also put different subjects on it, not always soft and roundish. All that “happiness” leather trim is supposed to stand for many years, keeping initial condition whithout soiling and becoming greasy.

Of course, so high requirements to the specifications of automobile leather lead to rising its price over furniture and shoes leather, analogous by color and currying.