Pressed leather

"Pressed leather" - this is not a professional term. The name probably arose in the common parlance of traders.
"Pressed leather" - a material produced under the pressure from the waste leather.

One of the components used in its manufacture - is a trim, scraps, chrome shavings, leather dust and other residues from production and cutting of leather.

The second component - synthetic binder fiber from any synthetic material: polyester, polyamide, polyethylene, which melt and stick together when it is heated.

The third component - synthetic thermoplastic resin. They are added for additional bonding and hardening of the fibrous structure. Firstly, the leather waste is crushed into a granuls. The mixture is then purified from fibers near-fiber elements.

On the next stage into the synthetic fiber binders the synthetic thermoplastic resins and other additives is added. Then on the forming machine the mixture turned into a flat sheet.

The next stage is drying the sheet in the drying oven. Finally, the dry sheets are pressed at temperature above the melting point of the resin at 17C degrees, for 15 - 60 seconds. Resin melts and impregnates the fibrous structure. After cooling, we have obtained leather-like material, which is called "pressure-treated leather”. It remains only to make the finish.

It is clear that this is done to save raw materials and cheaper the products. It is one thing - the product of a single piece of leather, and quite another - from shredded leather waste. The "pressure-treated leather" has all the properties of the synthetic. This is non-woven backing, which is applied a layer that simulates the front surface of the leather. This leather has bad breath properties, does not pass moisture and air. Besides, it is not durable and fragile.

So the product of "pressure-treated leather” will last quickly.

Therefore, only you decide what to choose: the natural leather, "pressed leather” or leatherette (leather-substitute). The optimal combination of price and quality of each everybody determines for himself according to their personal characteristics of life, personal requirements and wishes.