Finishing stages

Finishing leather is designed to give leather an appropriate softness, flexibility, uniform thickness, smoothness with the meat side and a beautiful view from the front side. Finishing operations and consistent progress in their vary depending on the type and purpose of the leather.

The process of finishing the leather includes several processes:

Carrying capacity of the leather is rubbing their fat and is made to make the leather more soft and impermeable to water. To do this, use is usually a special mixture of fats (Lederschmiere), consisting of blubber, lard and public degradation (Degras - fat, obtained as a byproduct when sueding significantly changed during this process and is better absorbed by the leather than ordinary fats). For napityvaniya so fat a moist (not completely dried) leather hung in a warm room, rubbing grease from the meat side and for better absorption of fat left leather hanging for several hours.

Cutting leather produce with the meat side (bahtarm) to give the leather a uniform thickness. Leather is cut off first to suits ordinary plow (knife with a straight blade), and finally - a circular knife. Targeting so-called grain in which the leather attached to a smooth surface, as well as greater flexibility, because while kneading the leather produced by mereynyh boards with a convex and furrowed bottom surface. These boards leather is treated as a butcher, and with the front side.

Burnishing or polishing leather produced by the friction of the leather of iron, copper or glass cylinders, using hand or through the glazing machine.

By the type of decoration distinguish the following types of leather:

Smooth leather

Maximum preserve the natural image - mereyu are not subject to stamping in general, or on the front surface is applied is very small - "dust" embossing. leather of the group maketh the highest quality raw materials using the most modern chemical materials.

Polished leather

Grinding bahtarm side and no further subdivision can get "Velour", which is used for the production of sportswear, home and dress shoes. However, there are leather, which is predetermined by grinding technology of their manufacturing - is "Nubuck", which is indispensable for the production of both male and female footwear. Boxes of colored nubuck widely used in the production of children's shoes.

Embossed leather

leather middle and lower price ranges, are indispensable for inexpensive, labor or uniform shoes. Differ pattern and deep embossing. The smaller the figure and the depth of embossing, the less the ability to harbor defects have this embossing. All images can be divided into several categories: Small (dustable), medium and large.

Lacquer Leather

Depending on the properties and color coating, the leather may acquire a variety of color and organoleptic properties. This leather is very widely used in manufacturing both women's and men's designer shoes. Lacquer leather presented by items - Naplak. On the lacquered leather may be made to produce a desired embossing pattern. Shoes from lacquered leather looks good and always attracts attention.


At the splits applied artificial polymer "face" that simulates the natural front surface. Manufacturing splits can use cheap raw materials and get an excellent solution for the production of inexpensive shoes with quality close to the quality of genuine leather with front povehnostyu. The range of splits presented by items "Speel Velour Veronaā€¯ with various stamping. All versions are identical splits stamping embossing with facial leather surface, which allows you to combine them in the manufacture of footwear (vamp - the facial leather, tibia, tops - splits). Saw, without causing an artificial "face" used for the manufacture of shoe lining material, sewing clothes.

Half-finished leather

HF leather obtained after drum dying (no surface finish). It has a natural pattern front surface. Lack of surface finish to avoid most of the ills associated with the detached "person" - otminom and detached. Modern treatment can give to steal the property of hydrophobicity, and a special dyeing - through paint over. Well wrought crust is difficult to distinguish from the leather with a smooth face povehnostyu. Half-finished leather widely used shoemaker for shoes of all kinds of destination.

Leather with polyurethane trim

Have excellent physical and mechanical properties, water-repellent effect, while perfectly "breathe". This finish allows a variety of colors and texture, simulate the leather of reptiles and exotic animals, cause a variety of pictures. Used for manufacturing footwear and leather goods.